WAWOT – Waite Arboretum Wildlife Orienteering Trail


  At the base of a Ficus macrophylla, Morton Bay Fig, planted in 1893


A WAWOT possum: #28 Eucalyptus cladocalyx Sugar Gum, MYRTACEAE planted in 1915.






























Waite Arboretum Wildlife Orienteering Trail – WAWOT

WAWOT is a educational self-guided orienteering trail consisting of a collection of wildlife metal features installed in the Arboretum. 

        What animals live in the Waite Arboretum and where?

"Visit and explore the Arboretum to find all sorts of interesting things on the WAWOT – trail, such as beetles, butterflies, a lizard, a koala and many other interesting creatures".  There is an WAWOT map.  The map has numbers to indicate where each creature is living.   Start your discovery with a map from https://www.adelaide.edu.au/waite-historic/arboretum/wildlife-orienteering-trail/ 

The WAWOT adventure was designed for young primary school children but visitors of all ages will have lots of fun travelling the orienteering trail.  The Waite Aboretum Wildlife Orienteering Trail project was developed by the Waite Arboretum Curator Dr Kate Deleporte and Waite Arboretum Officer Erica Boyle.  The Friends of the Waite Arboretum provided funding and support for the WAWOT project. 


A WAWOT Kookaburra: #1912B Eucalyptus oldfieldii Oldfield's Mallee MYRTACEAE planted in 1961