Arboretum App

 Waite Arboretum App

On 26 February 2015 the Waite Arboretum App was officially launched by FWA Patron Sophie Thomson.  The apps allows users to visit the 2,300 tree species through an inactive map and track their GPS positions while in the Arboretum. The app provides visitors with information to enhance their experience and enjoyment while walking throughout the Arboretum.

In January 2020 the i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis was added to the App.

The i-tree Ecoystem Analysis is an 2016 – 17 survey of 1,255 Arboretum specimens undertaken by Marian McDuie, Jennifer Gardner and Erica Boyle with the help of University of Adelaide volunterers.  The analysis calulates the environmental benefits of each individual tree in the survey.  The results were published online in 2017.  There is also an interactive map of every tree surveyed online. 

The Waite Arboretum app can be downloaded free to iPhone, iPad, Android phones and used as a guide.