Native Bee Hotel



A European honey beehive on a branch of the #2192A Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' Autumn Blaze tree, April 2020.  The tree was planted in 2009. 

Creating a Native Bee Hotel – 'tool kit'











Waite Arboretum Native Bee Hotel opened 9 December 2014, Five star accommodation for some of the 80 species of native bees in the Arboretum.  Designed, constructed and installed by Terry Langham, FWA member and University of Adelaide Volunteer.

FWA Newsletters articles on the Native Bee Hotel

Radio Adelaide "Welcome to the Native Bee Hotel"  Waite Arboretum Native Bee Hotel of 16 September 2015

"Waite Arboretum volunteer Terry Langham spoke to The Sound of Science about how he approached the design of the Native Bee Hotel on the site, what he has learned and the importance of newly installed interpretive signs."

Waite Arboretum Native Bee Hotel on Channel 10's Scope program

"You can see Dr Katja Hogendoorn and volunteer Terry Langham talking about the Waite Arboretum's Native Bee Hotel in the children's science program Scope which aired on Channel 10 on Saturday. The bee story is found 19 minutes 45 seconds into the program".

Waite Arboretum Native Bee Hotel on Channel 11 Totally Wild

  • Dr Katja Hogendoom and Terry Langham talking about native bees
  • Broadcast on Channel 11 on 19 June 2016
  • Please note: The Channel Ten's Channel 11 station may not have the episode publicly available any more.

Bee research project in the Arboretum

Dr Katja Hogendoorn's native bee research project on the Waite Campus research land (not the Arboretum), 2015 approximately.


World Bee Day: 20 May 2020 (United Nations)