About the Arboretum

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The Waite Arboretum was established in 1928 by a bequest to the University of Adelaide by Peter Waite, a prominent pastoralist and businessman.  He stipulated that the 27 hectares (occupied by the Arboretum) was to be a public space in perpetuity.  The University of Adelaide choose to create an Arboretum. The purposes of the Arboretum are experimental i.e. to demonstrate and evaluate the suitability of a wide range of trees to the local environment.  Many of the trees are grown without extra watering and provide a valuable resource for teaching, research and propagation and to provide an attractive and informative area for passive recreation.

The Arboretum covers 30 hectares and now comprises over 2,300 trees representing 850 species. It contains a number of special collections including one of the most comprehensive and well-documented collections of eucalypts, more than 780 trees representing 340 species, subspecies and experimental hybrids. Other special collections including dragon trees, the pears and oaks. 

The Aboretum is opened to the public daily from dawn to dusk.